Everything is achievable by our small crazy minds, the one which is helping that is our Imagination. A person with Good Imagination is the smartest person in the room.

Logic will get you from A to B. “Imagination will take you everywhere”

Albert Einstein

What Is SpacesTrek?

SpacesTrek is a website, hosted with help of WordPress.com. This site focuses on Science, Astronomy and many mysteries in this Universe. I, Vishal Ram, posts ideas that talks about those mysteries and uncover them. I try my best to convey the ideas mostly in words(even I don’t like Equations going around my Blog!!!) and so, that is a short intro about my site. To know more about me, visit About. To read more ideas visit Blog. And follow for more, don’t just leave reading my posts!

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Is Free Energy Possible?

It is every scientist’s dream to invent or discover something, that can provide us free energy. Why is Energy is given such importance in the field of Physics? What role does Energy play in this vast, big Universe? Energy is everywhere. It’s in you, it’s in me, it’s everywhere. We…


What If The Big Bang Never Happened?

Science has always got answers for the most difficult questions we can think of. One of the question was “How Was This Universe Created?”. Science has it’s own ways was reasoning things. It looks for the most promising reason for some phenomenon and then take it as the prime reason…


Where Can Evolution Take Us?

Evolution is what makes us Human. We are the result of millions years of evolution. Have you ever wondered where can this lead to? Or do you think that Evolution may stop at this point, because Human have made everything easy? Think about it. There is literally no strain in…



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What If Dreams Prove The Existence Of Parallel Universes? SpacesTrek

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